Life, Concentrated: How Tragedy Can Connect Us to Potency & Beauty.

I am laying in my bed in an empty house. These rooms are quiet, and the darkness of everything around me would indicate that I should be sleeping, but my mind and heart are exhilarated. I am alive. I am potent. I feel concentrated. My senses are aflame. For months, I've wanted to write about everything that I've experienced as a result of Patrick's traumatic brain injury.  But of course, I was too busy living it to write about it. Tonight, I want to share where I'm at right now, and maybe some day soon I can tell the amazing story of the past 3 months. I struggle with an ability to comprehend all that has happened in such a short time. It's been 88 days. That's 2,112 hours. 126,720 minutes. 7, 603, 2000 seconds of my life that I've spent deep within his recovery. I feel as if I've … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Me, and Why You Should Do a Gluten-Free You

Today I was in the supermarket in the GF aisle, when an ignorant man who had a box of "ho ho's" in his hand, began making fun of us "dopes" who had been "duped" by the latest diet fad. "You dopes are duped by everything and anything," he said. "Slap a healthy label on something, jack the price up 50% and you're in!" I can't speak for the others, but I was pretty offended. No one asked him for his opinion - he wasn't talking to anyone in particular, but rather just to the three of us who were pulling food off the shelf. Only those close to me know this, but I was sick most of my life. Ask anybody who knew me growing up, and they will tell you that I had a very weak immune system. In just about every picture from my childhood, I have a tissue in hand and a red, sore nose. Sinus … [Read more...]

Have RV, Will Travel! (Part 1) – “Picking Up The Trek”

When my alarm went off at 4:00 a.m, November 22, 2013, in a cheap motel in Delray, Florida, my eyes shot open like cannons that had been poised to fire for hours. I ran my fingers through my hair, slathered make-up across my tired face (in a failed attempt to look less a wreck than the last 12 days had left me), checked out, and drove in the dark to the airport. I returned my car, found my gate, and sucked down the biggest coffee I could find. I asked the teenager behind the counter at Starbucks if I could have an IV drip put in for the next few days so I could receive caffeine on-the-regular. It was now 5 am, and as she handed me my Venti with an expressionless face, I could tell she was not amused. There's nothing like being on a plane, especially when you have a heavy heart that … [Read more...]